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After viewing Larry Smith’s TED Talk about why you will have to fail to have a great career, I begin to reflect on my own recent failures.  Now, there’s a quote I like by Robert F. Kennedy where he says, “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”  If this is true, well dammit, I will someday achieve greatly.  However, it seems the one virtue left to develop is my patience.  But, I’m not about to sit and wait for success to come.  I know I have to get out and make it happen.  But whatever IT is… I have no idea.  I’m lost at the moment, and I envy those who know what they’re doing – or do a damn good job of faking like they do.

If someone where to ask me what my interests are I’d say the following:

  • Science & Technology: Every morning I tend to scan the latest news in science and technology.  I’m fascinated with the advancements that have been occurring in the United States and abroad.  I’m currently living in Lima Peru and sometimes I feel like I’m 20 years behind everyone else.  My favorite scientific topics that I like to read about are astronomy, global warming, and advancements in the health industry.  I’m also a big fan of animals and discovery of new species.  This has pretty much been at the crux of my interest since I was 11 or 12 years old.  Because of this, I’ve become particularly interest in business leaders delving into projects that advance science and technology.  Elon Musk is someone I’m following in particular.  I admire Musk’s ambition in Tesla, SpaceX and Solar City.  He is addressing Global Warming and further Space Exploration – two things that I’d love to be apart of.  I think if I could be part of his team I would want to be his ambassador or director of South American expansion, as I’m fluent in business Spanish and a novice in Portuguese, but moving along.
  • Sustainability: What I think is important in any project I do is getting to sustainability as fast as I can… that means making a product/service people want/need to buy and nurturing a system in which it can be sustainable with little of my own interference.  Now, this is something I’m still working on getting better at.  Viajes Educativos Vivenciales del Peru and Vive Paracas were two projects that I was working on.  While VEVP was a great product, few people found the need for it (that a simple and thorough marketing study would have answered at the beginning, but the board of directors didn’t allow for)… which I consider a major failure on my part.  We had a few buyers, but we couldn’t get it to be sustainable quick enough.  As for Vive Paracas – this was a luxury hotel project.  The product was highly desired and we priced it just right to stay sustainable – what we lacked in this case was time to allow it to grow and having all the stakeholders involved with their incentives covered.
  • Entrepreneurship: when I served in the Peace Corps I learned that businesses bring peace across the world.  And what I mean by that is when people have work, feel like they’re doing something, providing a service or product for someone and getting paid so that they can be housed, have food, pay for basic utilities, etc.  The hope for world peace is when people have businesses, everyone feels like they’re winning (the client getting what they want and the business earning what they want).  The beauty of a free-market.  I currently lead two groups, Expat Entrepreneurs in Peru and Expat Jobs in Peru, with the objective of connecting people with similar interests and goals (for finding work in the case with EJP).  I’m currently developing a project called – the idea is to help connect many people with jobs.  Its still in its early phase, it’s a long shot project.  I hope to replicate all over the world what I’ve achieved with Expat Jobs in Peru that now has more than 2,300 members.
  • Digital Marketing: What I like most about this field is that I get to work at my favorite spot – the computer – and spend a lot of time reading and studying market segments.  I feel the most comfortable with SEO and SEM strategies and Website development with WordPress.  I have thought about whether or not going into consulting in this field, but even though it’s a skill I have, it’s not something I’ve come to realize I’m particularly passionate about.  If I were to work in this field, I’d rather share my knowledge with others than actually work in it.  However, I feel like I still have a lot to prove before I could go on to be a confident consultant.  I would not feel comfortable providing a service that I know is not ready for market.  All in it’s due time.
  • Travel and Adventure: when I can afford it and when I have time off, I like to travel.  When I can’t afford it, my favorite activity for traveling is just walking outside my apartment door and not having a particular destination in mind… I just pick a sidewalk at random and walk.   Because of this, I’ve become very familiar with San Isidro, where I currently reside.  I have thought about working in this field, especially because of my experience with VEVP (an educational field trip project).  However, I’d much rather travel, experience these things… and maybe document it?  My perspective would be interesting… as the latino/gringo with the Peruvian wife… hmm… anyone want to sponsor me?  Travel TV?  National Geographic?  CNN?  Anthony Bourdain has developed for himself a pretty nice gig whereby he visits places all over the world and documents his experience and enlightens his viewers about what he’s seeing.  I saw him it for Peru… and… I don’t know… I think I could have done better.  Maybe I should try? Hmmm…
  • Running: I’ve recently taken the hobby of running… now, I don’t run everyday and I’m not in the best shape, but I like the way I feel after running.  If only my joints didn’t hurt after 5 kilometers.
  • Reading: If I’m not watching a documentary or a movie or listening to music, I’m reading… whether it be online or an audiobook… or listening to a TED Talk… (which I consider like an audiobook/reading), it is pretty constant.  I listen to podcasts, I listen to radio programs… I’m just constantly absorbing information.
  • Movies & Television: I’ve been developing a project called MovieBoozer for a few years now, and while it makes enough money to keep the lights on… I haven’t given it enough time to really make it worth going full time on.  It’s a website that rates movies by beers but instead of assigning it a star rating, we inform our readers about how many beers they should consume in order to enjoy it.  It’s a tongue and cheek thing – i don’t think there’s any staff writer who actually adheres to it, though they may try at first – which is why I think it’s not caught on the way me and my partners on the project have hoped.  But, it’s a fun project and I’ll continue doing it as a hobby.  I don’t have a favorite movie…  but I really liked The Neverending Story and The Labyrinth growing up.
  • Guitar: I love to play my guitar, especially when I’m stressed.  I have been playing for more than 15 years now, but I wouldn’t call myself a professional player.  I’m a intermediate at best – and I don’t play many familiar songs, I write my own.  I have an old myspace page with the songs: that guy from open mic.  I believe I would be most happiest in life if I could sing my songs in different venues all over the world.  Sing about my failures, my triumphs, my mistakes, my heart aches, my stupid moments, my funny moments, or whatever dumb thing I’ve done – all with the hope to make people smile and forget their problems for a while.  Or, to make them think about their problems and maybe give some advice though my music.  Unfortunately, not a lot of people can relate to a expat californian latino 35 year sold maybe-autistic introvert ex-peace corps volunteer who likes to drown his homemade burritos in cheese and tapatio sauce.
  • Education: it’s amazing – what I discovered while serving abroad in the Peace Corps, was a new interest in education – especially the part of acquiring it.  I got to see children in the poorest of places in the world get some of the worst education.  My interest comes from wanting to see everyone get the best education possible – and most of all (especially for the poorest of children) getting their parents involved (which I think is the hardest part of it all).  You know, I think for there to be real change in education in the poorest of places in big cities, the parents would need to be involved and this would mean educating the parents along with the children as well – but this might be too expensive and not feasible for the parents as they usually have to rent.  I wonder if there could be an incentive whereby if a student achieves the parents earn money.  Not necessarily the students… but the parents.  Could this be an incentive for parents?  Hmmm… just writing aloud.
  • Politics: I’m interested in politics… most of all, seeing public policy actually make change for the people, and working for the people who at the moment are supporting those who were either born into privilege or are fortunate to have gotten a great education.  I also want to see female rights be equaled to that of men and I want to see people of color be treated fairly at work and in public.  I support Bernie Sanders for President 2016, but if Hillary Clinton ends up getting the nomination, I would support her as well.  One thing is for sure, it’s going to be hard for any future president to follow up on President Barack Obama.  The man is amazing.

So there it is… my interests… in a tight nutshell.


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